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Since 1931, Flier Systems has been specialising in mechanisation and automation solutions in the processing area of the professional young plant grower. We are continuously striving to develop smarter, end to end solutions and improve our clients’ results.

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About us

Over 90 years of experience in horticulture

In the first years after 1948, when he took over the smithy established in 1931, Berend Flier developed the first soil blocking machine. It was the start of a long series of innovations to come. Flier Systems management is now in its third generation, but we continue to develop technological innovations and improvements that help our clients improve on quality, efficiency and profitability, day in, day out.

About us


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“The new soil-blocking machine means that the quality improvements are so significant that our customers noticed the difference immediately.”

Nicola Marconi
Marconi Vivai

“We had very high expectations of Flier Systems and their solutions, and they were exceeded." Deze tekst vult het gedeelte op om de vakken gelijk te maken

Kees Huisman
Rijk Zwaan

“The Flier Systems order processing system enables us to guarantee efficient and faultless deliveries to the customer’s customer."

Dirk-Jan Oudijk
Jac. Oudijk

"Flier Systems supplied the entire automation for the cutting and sorting process. Our machines have now processed more than 100 million plants.”



Our solutions for the horticulture


Our drive


Collabo- ration

We believe in a safe working environment for our employees where they can continue to develop themselves. Furthermore, strong partnerships and collaborations are indispensable for us.



Customer orientated

We want our customers to get solutions that really suit them. This may even be different from what they initially asked. All of this with one goal, to make them better suppliers!


A better world

With our solutions, we contribute to solving the world food problem.

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