Collaboration IDEAAL and Flier Systems

Collaboration Ideaal and Flier Systems

Flier Systems has projects with professional young plant growers all over the world and regularly comes into contact with another global player; Ideaal. 'The supplier' of block (re)spacing and transfer machines. 

These contacts resulted in a collaboration between the two companies that was confirmed with a signature at the Flier Systems office on Tuesday, June 30. The collaboration was celebrated with ‘Limburgse vlaai’ by Ard Flier, General Manager at Flier Systems, Erick Gielen, Director at Ideaal, Koen Lemmen, Technical Commercial Manager at Ideaal and Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales and Business Development at Flier Systems.

The collaboration is a logical next step in serving the global professional young plant grower even better. We know that Ideal and Flier Systems have many joint customers and we see that working together in emerging markets can provide added value for both parties.

For Flier Systems it is a next step in its strategic direction; to be able to completely set up the production area of ​​the professional young plant grower. Ad Kranendonk explains: "This collaboration is of particular interest to emerging markets and new entrants who want to be unburdened in their automation and mechanization needs."

The great advantage for Ideal is to position itself even more as a product specialist. This positioning fits Ideaal's business strategy of being the specialist in the field of mobile technology. In the longer term, the companies will make use of each other's knowledge and possibilities and can provide the customer with even more valuable information.

Koen Lemmen explains: "With regard to the provision of information, consider, for example, enabling location management in the greenhouse and informing the operators of the pick-up and drop positions from a central database."

Finally, an additional advantage of the collaboration makes it possible to better guarantee the worldwide service for customers and thus to serve the customer even better.

For more information about this collaboration, or to find out what this could mean for your company, you can contact Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales and Business Development at Flier Systems, a.kranendonk@fliersystems.nl or Koen Lemmen, Technical Commercial Manager at Ideaal, koen@ideaal.eu.