Flier Systems opens office in China

Flier Systems opens office in China

Flier Systems has been developing, building and selling machines for global horticulture for almost 90 years now. In recent years, the machine builder from Barendrecht the Netherlands has increasingly been focusing on professional young plant nurseries. With an emphasis on food production.

Thanks to the horticultural knowledge and years of experience, the company is able to build machines that support the young plant grower in the automation and mechanization of his processing space. Flier Systems helps customers to become better suppliers and thus contributes to global food production.

In that context, Flier Systems recently investigated the Asian market in order to be able to contribute to that part of the world as well. In recent years, Flier machines already have been delivered and installed in various places in Asia. These projects were controlled and managed from the Netherlands.

The increasing demand from China made Flier decide to open an office in Shanghai, with local staff that knows the Asian market well. Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales and Business Development at Flier Systems, says: “With this approach, we expect to be able to serve the Chinese market better and to take a major step in terms of service and aftercare particularly. We are very happy to have taken this step and expect to play an even more prominent role in the Asian market. Today we will be launching a Chinese version of our website to support this market even further. The Asian market is coordinated by Peter van Vugt in the Netherlands and supported in Shanghai by Xin Yuan. ”

For questions about the Asian market and what Flier Systems can do for you there, please contact Xin Yuan XinYuan@FlierSystems.cn.