“Every % better sowing is a % more profit”. This statement, made by one of our customers, shows the importance of good sowing. Scientists predict that by 2050 the world's population will have increased to 9 billion. To feed this large number of people, the production of food needs to be doubled. However, due to climate change, there is less and less agricultural land available. Meaning that a higher yield per square meter is needed. There is a proven relationship between a high-quality young plant and a higher yield. Therefore, efficiency and quality improvement in propagation are more important than ever.

Since 1931, Flier Systems has been specializing in mechanization and automation solutions in the processing area of the professional young plant grower. We are continuously striving to develop smarter, end-to-end solutions and improve our clients’ results.



We find it very important that our customers become better suppliers for their customers. Therefore, we strive to optimize and automize the propagation process of young plant growers to offer customers the possibility to produce the highest quality young plants. Through a combination of our knowledge, +90 years of experience, and close cooperation with our customers and propagation experts, we have defined the automatization and mechanization of the propagation process. We bundled this knowledge and expertise into a new concept: ELEMENTS. This concept provides Flier Systems quality at a lower cost and shorter lead time.

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In ELEMENTS we have selected machines, the so-called building blocks, that contain excellent properties whereby the majority of the market can realize the highest quality young plants. If a system can be completely composed of the building blocks, you will receive the Flier Systems quality at an interesting investment and fast delivery time. We can offer this because of a (slightly) different approach: stock production and no (customer-specific) engineering.

Through this, we make the Flier Systems quality more accessible to a larger part of the market. This allows more propagators to grow high-quality young plants, which in turn contributes to greater efficiency in propagation and therefore in feeding the world.

Of course, Flier Systems continues to offer customer-oriented solutions that fall outside the ELEMENTS’ scope. That, and the customer-specific approach, remain unchanged.