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Zero Hunger

Scientists predict that by 2050 the world's population will have increased to 9 billion. To feed this large number of people, the production of food needs to be doubled. We believe it is important that all people should have access to sufficient and healthy food. This is why we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 2: "Zero Hunger". 

Flier Systems contributes by bringing knowledge, expertise and proven technology in the field of mechanisation, automation and efficiency to ambitious horticultural entrepreneurs. This enables them to produce better and safer foods and subsequently become better suppliers for their customers. 

Grow your future

Growth is all around us. Always and everywhere. Each and every day, plants, people and businesses are on the move. On their way to become bigger and finer, better and stronger. To move forward. Sometimes by taking small steps, other times by making a giant leap. At Flier Systems we feel strongly about our employees growing with us. This is why we are offering a variety of opportunities to advance within the company, both personally and professionally.

Growing does not always come naturally. It requires a healthy breeding ground, as well as knowledge, support and favourable conditions.  And people and businesses that complement your qualities. The Flier Systems logo features a stylised buffalo for good reason; a robust animal that applies strategic insight alongside its strength and perseverance. A buffalo stands shoulder to shoulder with its partners. Exactly like we do at Flier Systems, because success is something that is never achieved alone, but always together!


It takes a lot to become an expert in horticulture. Knowledge, too, requires time to germinate, take root and to grow. Accordingly, Flier Systems' expertise did not come about overnight. We have had a close relationship with horticulture since 1931. Quite literally, as our first branch in Barendrecht was located a stone's throw away from local nurseries.

Flier Systems started in 1931 as a smithy in Barendrecht. When Berend Flier took over in 1948, he developed the first soil blocking machine, laying the foundation for a long line of innovations. Berend devised and built a range of straightforward tools that enabled local growers to work easier, better and more efficiently. A lot has changed since then, but not all. Flier Systems management is now in its third generation, but we continue to develop technological innovations and improvements day in, day out.

It is Flier Systems' mission to fully equip the young plant grower's workspace. Quite often, customer requirements reach beyond just the machinery developed and produced by Flier Systems. To meet these demands we have entered into several strategic collaborations with other specialists. 

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