References that we are proud of

“The new soil-blocking machine means that the quality improvements are so significant that our customers noticed the difference immediately.”

Nicola Marconi
Marconi Vivai

“We had very high expectations of Flier Systems and their solutions, and they were exceeded." Deze tekst vult het gedeelte op om de vakken gelijk te maken

Kees Huisman
Rijk Zwaan

“The Flier Systems order processing system enables us to guarantee efficient and faultless deliveries to the customer’s customer."

Dirk-Jan Oudijk
Jac. Oudijk

”The solutions from Flier Systems have created efficiency and control, allowing us to focus on quality."

Arie Alblas
Roelands plant

"Flier Systems supplied the entire automation for the cutting and sorting process. Our machines have now processed more than 100 million plants.”


"Flier Systems is the best possible partner to collaborate with"

Ken Marshall
Director at Sunnyhurst

“We are choosing Flier Systems because we are looking for a solution that can efficiently sort our different varieties."

Ron Fransen