Flier Systems provides innovative solutions for sowing in trays, blocks or on tape. To be able to create and develop the best possible sowing environment and to deliver the tailor made solution for our seed end users, we cooperate with other companies in our R&D Traject. This has resulted in a full tape sowing solution in which both production ánd precision sowing is combined.

We will host a presentation on this subject during Seed meets Technology. This presentation ‘Precision sowing in open field’ indicates the advantages and the output of the cooperation between Packaging Knowhow for the sowing paper, SeQso and Flier Systems for the Seeders, Kramer for the (automated) placing of the tape and Rijk Zwaan for their believe in the concept and the effort in testing and finetuning it.

The presentation exists of three parts; Ad Kranendonk of Flier Systems will elaborate and explain the importance of precision sowing, specifically in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Marco Rijstenbil of Rijk Zwaan will inform you about his absolute faith in the concept, the extensive test phase and his journey towards the roll out of the concept in Europe. The last part of the presentation exists of a demonstration of the SeQso Tape Seeder in the Flier Systems booth (number 23).

Do you want to be part of this presentation or schedule a meeting during Seed meets Technology?

We have a dedicated team available for you during the exhibition to inform you how Flier Systems can help you (further) with your production processes. We deliver modular systems to fulfil your needs for core processes such as soil blocking, sowing, grading, grafting, rockwool handling, bulk handling, transplanting, phenotyping, logistic handling and internal transport. We have been doing this for decades and developed a method which combines your specific needs with our modular systems; FL'EX. 

We would like to tell you more about our possibilities and solutions, which contribute to your growth. Visit us at stand 23, check out our website or contact us info@fliersystems.nl

You can register for the presentation on the SMT website.


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