A maximum capacity of 650 crates per hour and a conversion time of only 3 minutes. These are the eye-catching features of the soil block press PP24. The soil block press was introduced in early 2018 by Flier Systems, expert in automation solutions for the international horticulture industry.

500% reduction in conversion time

Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales & New Business of Fliers Systems: “Growers nowadays increasingly ask for smaller batches of young plants in more varieties. Translated to a new soil block press, this means optimisation of the conversion speed and an increase in capacity. With the PP24, we achieved that. Compared to our old soil block press, we have realised a 500% reduction in conversion time and a capacity increase of almost 20% without affecting the quality of the soil block.”

Future proof

The soil block press PP24 allows young plant nurseries to grow smaller batches of young plants without having to make concessions to the cost price. It is the answer to the continuous flexibilisation of the young plant market.


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