Soil Blocking Machine PP24

Our newest and most efficient model for producing the highest quality soil blocks

About the Soil Blocking Machine PP24 

The Soil Blocking Machine PP24 is the number one machine for the efficient production of excellent quality soil blocks with perfect growth properties. The Soil Blocking Machine has a capacity of up to 650 rows per hour. In addition, the Soil Blocking Machine also features the option to automatically change the transfer box.


The Soil Blocking Machine PP24 offers many advantages. Because the PP24 mechanically opens crates they are optimally filled with minimal drying as a result. In addition, you save on labour costs because the PP24 automatically the transfer box changes. This allows you to quickly change pot sizes, which makes the PP24 our most efficient model ever.

Why the Flier Systems Soil Blocking Machine PP24?


Up to 650 crates per hour


High efficiency


Highest quality

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