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Rijk Zwaan

“We had very high expectations of Flier Systems, but their solutions exceeded those."

Rijk Zwaan

Thanks to the indisputable quality of its products, seed breeding company Rijk Zwaan in Lier has built up an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally.

Flier Systems comes into its own with a client who has an eye for product quality and has provided a perfect solution by way of the automated Germination Vision System.


Germination Vision System

Seed breeding demands strict selection for quality with the highest possible profitability. Rijk Zwaan required an automation solution that would improve the quality of the seeds and also achieve accuracy and time savings.

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The outcome

Accurate and fast grading of germination

Flier Systems developed the Germination Vision System in close cooperation with Rijk Zwaan. The automated system is used by Rijk Zwaan for germination counts, where seedlings are sorted into five categories. This solution allows Rijk Zwaan a high capacity for accurate and reproducible germination grading.


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