Tray Filler - Propeller

Discover the advantages of homogenous, porous plugs

About the Tray Filler- Propeller

The Tray Filler - Propeller fills trays with soil and produces homogenous, yet dense porous plugs. As the plants in these plugs germinate evenly, the results are uniform crops. In other words; uniform filling = uniform crops = uniform quality = an even better supplier for your customers.


Proper sowing result starts with a properly filled tray; a homogenous filling of each cell and uniformity in soil density between all cells is of major importance. Plug hardness is adjustable, enabling you to determine the desired hardness for each batch.

Why the Flier Systems Tray Filler TF41?


Capacity up to 1.200 trays per hour


Densely formed and porous plugs


Easily adjustable for other tray sizes

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