Soil handling - Big Bale Dosage Bunker DB40

About the Soil Handling - Big Bale Dosage Bunker DB40

The Big Bale Dosage Bunker DB40 is a perfect solution for processing compressed big bales of up to 2.60m high. The DB40 brings back the original volume of the substrate as it was before compression, without affecting its structure. The machine is easy to move with a pallet jack or forklift. The mobile installation can be used in combination with almost all brands of potting machines and fillers and is suitable for all sizes of big bale. 

The following options are available:


Machine information

Max dimension with extension plates

2400 x 1555 x 3080 mm

Max dimension without extension plates

2400 x 1555 x 2635 mm

Max load [kg]


Weight [kg]

1200-1300 kg

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