Mobile Staking Unit

Automatically inserts and positions round milled sticks in stone wool blocks to support the plants

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About the Mobile Staking Unit

The Mobile Staking Unit automatically drives sticks into rock wool blocks to support the plants. The machine moves automatically along the rows of stone wool blocks. The Mobile Staking Unit can lift the blocks approximately 130 mm and separate each row. In addition, the blocks are aligned to the required staking position. The Mobile Staking Unit follows the position of the blocks in the greenhouse.


The biggest advantage is that the machine is able to stick topped tomato plants. Furthermore, it has 30 pre-set programs that can be adjusted individually to fit the specific needs for all types of stone wool blocks and different inserting positions. For instance, with an offset of 50 mm, the stick will be placed 25 mm from the centre and 25 mm from the side of the block.

Why the Flier Systems Mobile Staking Unit?


Quality improvement


Cost reduction


Avoid manual and heavy work

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