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Installation of the new Soil Block Press PP24


Krason is a fast-growing, young plant nursery, situated in Wola Krzysztoporska, Poland. Apart from young bell pepper and tomato plants, the company also grows lettuce and cabbage crops.

With the new soil block press PP24, Krason can optimally adapt to the flexibilisation of the fast-growing young plant market in Poland. Once more, Krason chooses a Flier soil block press, since Flier has proven to be a reliable partner in quality and service for years.  

The case

Flier Systems replaces the soil block press PP22 with the PP24. With the PP24, Krason can very quickly and cost-efficiently produce various sizes of soil blocks for smaller batches of young plants of various species and varieties.

The results

After the installation of the soil block press PP24, the conversion speed has increased by over 500%. The PP24 can be converted to a different pot size by 1 person, without heavy physical labour. The maximum capacity has increased from 550 to 650 crates an hour. This way, Krason can optimally adjust to the increasing flexibilisation of its customers. The Polish young plant nursery welcomes colleagues from around the world to see the PP24 in action at its company.


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