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Deliflor Hoogveld

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About Deliflor Hoogveld

Deliflor Hoogveld is the chrysanthemum rooting company for the Bommelerwaard area. Here, chrysanthemum cuttings are rooted using the latest techniques, which then find their way to Dutch chrysanthemum growers.

The case

At the end of 2020, Deliflor Hoogveld contacted Flier Systems with the question to help think about the design for the processing area of the new nursery. In this nursery, Deliflor Hoogveld wanted to start working with a new cultivation system: growing chrysanthemum cuttings on containers. Flier Systems was asked to design a system for loading and unloading these containers.

"We worked very pleasantly together with the staff of Flier Systems. During the installation and implementation, the project manager walked and worked along with us, which we found very pleasant."

Jan Gerritsen - Technical Officer Deliflor Hoogveld

The outcome

Deliflor Hoogveld has made significant strides with this solution. With full control over the entire process, Deliflor Hoogveld has increased efficiency and improved accuracy. Moreover, with the help of ISAL, the company is able to use the track-and-trace system effectively, improving the transparency and manageability of their production process. In addition, this solution has contributed to higher plant quality, which is beneficial for both Deliflor Hoogveld and their customers.

"Qualitatively, we have made considerable strides. Cultivation wise, the cuttings are much more uniform which has improved quality."

Otto van Tuil - Director Deliflor Hoogveld

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