Collaboration of Agropak and Flier Systems

Collaboration of Agropak and Flier Systems

Both parties are delighted to announce that a new collaboration has originated. Unfortunately, because of the Covid-19 measures, a joint contract signing moment was not possible. It has been handled via Teams. Both Flier Systems and Agropak would like to express their view on the new Russian partnership.

Agropak: ‘We have come across Flier Systems several times, due to our relationship with Taks, and there has always been mutual respect. Flier Systems and Agropak have the same type of doing business.  We both run our businesses based on long-lasting values and customer relationships. We both do what we promise and strive for customer satisfaction. In its core, both companies fit well together.”

“Agropaks main goal is to establish optimal and long-term customer relationships. Agropak aims to support extension to the vegetable producers, using our common knowledge, expertise, and machines. This is the reason we examined the deeper collaboration with Flier Systems. We have come to the conclusion that Flier Systems’ customers are similar to ours. For me personally, this is the moment to make choices to serve the future needs in the expansion of the local Russian vegetable production. I, therefore, decided to enter the new market segment for young plant automation with Flier Systems. We have already done a few successful projects together such as Agroinvest and Rostock. This convinced me that Flier Systems is our partner for the future.”

Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales and Business Development at Flier Systems and Bart Eekhout, Technical Sales Engineer responsible for the Russian market, are proud of the collaboration with Agropak. ‘We have a lot of respect for the solid and high-quality position of the Agropak products. Furthermore, our Russian customers are very satisfied with them and share that experience with us. On a technical basis, our machines have a lot of similarities. Therefore, we decided to work with Agropak as our local Russian partner/ dealer. Flier Systems introduced many, new designed, Rockwool-, sowing- and soil blocking machines. To support the future selling and servicing of our systems in Russia, we have been searching for Russian collaboration for some time now. It is our goal to automize and mechanize the production area of the propagator worldwide. This collaboration is the right step at the right moment for us. Because of the created partnership, Agropak and Flier Systems can guarantee Russian clients the leading innovations and developments in vegetable production. With our joined expertise and experience and in cooperation with Russian Growers we will be able to reach a leading worldwide position in the young plant automation.”

“We will approach both our Agropaks and Flier Systems’ customers together to make sure they are well informed and to make the transition as smooth as possible. Agropak will be responsible for the sales and service in Russia and therefore their employees will be trained in sales, service, and installation of the Flier Systems equipment. Together, we will continue our support to all our Russian customers in the best possible way, now and in the long run,” says Ad Kranendonk.

Would you like to know more about the solutions and machines Flier Systems offers? Please visit our website www.fliersystems.nl. For more information about the collaboration between Agropak and Flier Systems, you can contact Ad Kranendonk, Head of Sales and Business Development or Bart Eekhout, Technical Sales Engineer at Flier Systems.