Flier partners Aris and Indigo Logistics will be co-exhibiting to inform you about our combined projects such as Root appraisal and Phenotyping Phalaenopsis. We also would like to introduce MSM19; our Mobile Sticking Machine. This new machine sticks and positions round milled sticks in Rockwool Blocks to support the plants. The machine moves automatically along the -12 wide- row of Rockwool blocks. It can improve your quality and efficiency, save labour costs and reduce logistics between greenhouse and the handling room. On top of that the MSM19 is able to stick topped tomato plants. You are more than welcome to see the machine in action during the exhibition.

Besides this machine, you will find our Young Plant Sorter, Drumseeder, Growcoon dispenser and our first Soil blocking machine -PP1- in our booth. This PP1 is 60 years old and still working! The founder of Flier Systems, Berend Flier, invented the soil blocking machine which allowed growers to efficiently make press pots in a higher quality. This starting point has led to further development and optimisation of automated production processes in horticulture. That is the reason why passion for young plant automation is part of Flier’s DNA!

The DNA consists of two strands. The second part stands for gratitude for our high level customers who challenge us to keep on developing and engineering innovative young plant systems.

GreenTech is the place to meet the entire horticultural world. We would cordially invite you to visit us at booth 11.312. You can pre-register for GreenTech for free up to and including 2 June by clicking the link. 

Do you want to schedule a meeting during GreenTech?

We have a dedicated team available for you during the exhibition to inform you how Flier Systems can help you (further) with your production processes. We deliver modular systems to fulfil your needs for core processes such as soil blocking, sowing, grading, grafting, rockwool handling, bulk handling, transplanting, phenotyping, logistic handling and internal transport. We have been doing this for decades and developed a method which combines your specific needs with our modular systems; FL'EX. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a Flier Systems expert, you can use this form the connect with us. We will contact you a.s.a.p. to plan the actual meeting.

We are looking forward to meeting you at GreenTech!

Passion for young plant automation. It is part of our DNA!