Automated Growcoon production

Flier Systems from Barendrecht, specialist in horticultural-industry automation, has expanded its range. Thanks to the dispenser, the ‘Growcoon’ biodegradable cultivation and seed plug can be processed automatically. With this expansion, Flier Systems is contributing to the rapid rise of the Growcoon, introduced in 2015. Flier sells its automation solutions worldwide.


All expertise in one place

Flier Systems is presenting the automatic Growcoon dispenser during GreenTech 2018 in the RAI in Amsterdam. This event takes place from 12 through 14 June. Flier can be found on stand 11.312. Opposite Flier Systems is the Growcoon stand at spot number 11.316/11.317. At this stand, Growcoon is to be presented. Maan Biobased Products, developer and producer of the product, and Klasmann-Deilmann which provides global sales, will be explaining the product. And that means all the experts in just a few square metres. So the total Growcoon presentation is in the hands of Flier, Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan. The fitting title they have chosen is ‘The road to optimal growth’. They'll be fleshing out this theme with various activities related to GreenTech.


Optimal growth and combined techniques

‘The road to optimal growth’ is the theme we've chosen, as the biodegradable shoot and seed plug contributes to the fast, high-quality and uniform development of shoots and an optimal growth of the plant. The unique product properties of the Growcoon are reinforced by material and system suppliers. They integrate the Growcoon into their products to make maximum use of the advantages of the plug. At the Growcoon stand, various tray, technology and system suppliers are presenting the successful integration of the Growcoon into their own products.


Everything for the plant

Using the Growcoon means crops can be delivered fast, with the user realising uniform growth. Furthermore, wastage in the cultivation process is reduced and production processes become more efficient. All these benefits arise during development of the Growcoon. During this entire process, one question is really important: what is best for the plant? In contrast to alternative products, nothing stands in the way of the growth of the root ball. For more information about the new dispenser for the Growcoon, please contact Bart Eekhout